Major Depressive Disorder NOS

Major depressive disorder nos (NOS- Not Otherwise Specified) can be said to be a severe mental illness characterized by an extremely low mood and slowed mental and physiological activity in patients. This major depressive disorder nos (MDD) is debilitating, yet does not have any specific diagnosis criteria or symptoms to fall under any specific mental category. Unlike minor depressive disorder nos (which only exhibit mild depression traits-again nothing specifying-), MDD NOS symptoms are very severe.

Major Depressive Disorder NOS

Major Depressive Disorder NOS

DSM IV- diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth Edition- is a revised version (4th edition) manual compiled by the APA- American Psychiatric Association-. This DSM version includes all recognized mental disorders and unlike previous editions, it has incorporated information from earlier DSM versions and ICD- International Classification of disease- manual. DSM IV depressive disorder nos is thus, the classification/ code given to depressive disorder nos in the DSM IV coding system. Other mental illnesses listed in the DSM IV manual can be found by tracking them. The easiest way to locate is to use the DSM IV alphabetical coding system.

Major depressive disorder NOS Causes

  • Dsm iv depressive disorder nos has a number of possible causes; though the actual causes cannot be pinpointed.Drugs- all chemical substances in the depressants category (alcohol, heroine and all pain-killers such as morphine, suoxone, morphine, etc) slow the activity of the brain and the body and are thus said to greatly contribute to this disorder. This may be directly (due to their physiological and psychological effects) or indirectly (lowering the ability of one to function normally which can reduce self worth)
  • Genes- in some cases, patients of MDD were found to have other relatives suffering from it. It was thus concluded that the disorder was hereditary; just as cancer can be Socio economic issues- a poor economy and a not-so-supportive society can get people frustrated at not being able to make ends meet Personality disorders- introverts are more likely to suffer this illness- since they nurse and sort things out alone or with only a few people- than extroverts- who speak out a lot of things-

Signs and Symptoms

Where as Major Depressive Disorder NOS symptoms may vary -courtesy of the age of the patient-, the following are commonly experienced:

  • Headaches, fatigue or digestive complications
  • Decreased appetite
  • Very low mood regardless of the present situation/ circumstance
  • Insomnia (lack of sleep) as a direct result of the illness itself or the medication taken for managing this illness
  • Absolute loss of pleasure in activities or things formerly enjoyed
  • A feeling of worthlessness that may occur once in a while or continuously
  • Lingering negative and demeaning emotions such as those of regret, guilt, anomie- a feeling of helpless and hopelessness- and self hatred among others
  • Poor memory and and inability to concentrate
  • Suicidal thoughts and tendencies
  • Mild or severe form of schizophrenia- mind split between reality and illusions-; usually paranoia (dreadful thoughts) rather than pleasant thought take over

Major Depressive Disorder NOS Treatment

This severe depressive disorder is treated through the use of: heavy doses of stimulant (antidepressant) drugs, counseling/ psychotherapy and or electroconvulsive therapy- giving mild to moderate live electrical current-.

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