Useful Facts on Depressive Disorder NOS

Depressive Disorder NOS or Not Otherwise Specified is a form of depression but does not fall under the category of the major types. It can be that the disorder has too few symptoms to count as one falling in a specific category. There are several types of Depressive Disorder NOS and here are some of the most common ones.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder is one common kind of depressive disorder NOS. It comes to affect women on the onset of menses. A woman being unpredictable during the time when the menstrual cycle comes to its peak is not only a product of the mind because it has been proven to have effects on the body. A person can become so irritable on petty things during this time because small matters tend to affect behaviors. Moreover, this can be followed by a moment of bliss. Basically, a woman may suffer from mood swings during this time. This is one of the absurd reality that a woman experiences which counts, shockingly, as one of Depressive Disorder NOS.

If there is such a thing as Major Depressive Attacks, there is also what is called Minor Depressive Disorder. The only difference is that minor depressive disorder belongs to depressive disorder NOS. This is considered minor because it has symptoms that do not actually reach the category of Major Depression. The symptoms may last for a couple of weeks which is why it is considered just minor. During a minor depressive attack, a person may not feel like doing activities. Locking in a room is one of the signs that the person suffers from a minor depression.

There is also what is called the Recurrent Brief Depression. It is considered recurrent in the sense that its symptoms come back every month. Usually, this minor attack lasts for only a couple of days to weeks. A person may suffer from minor depression once a month where symptoms just fade away even without further intervention.

These common types of depressive disorder NOS may just sound mild. In fact, the symptoms may just disappear even without the aid of psychiatric support. Yet, if the symptoms continue to prolong or it becomes a risk on the safety of the person and the people around, then there is a need to seek help. Remember that psych problems usually start small and people unknowingly find it as a problem.

There are still a lot of Depressive Disorder NOS that comes to be suffered by individuals. Sometimes, the person suffering from such may not be that aware that it is already present. At times when depression may tend to attack, it is good to still have sound mind to face the challenge. When depression sets in, divert your attention on much more productive stuffs like doing household chores or pouring your power on craft projects. This is an effective way to finally forget about the depression. Sometimes, it is in the person’s control and choice to remain on the depressive or to go out of the open and escape the confines of the potentially threatening condition.